The mission

Seeds are the beginning of everything and if their quality is the best, all that comes will be of the highest quality. BI.DE.MA was born with this goal: to search for the best sources for products to supply our customers. Starting from the supplies of Bi.DE.MA our customers can express all their qualities on the market, because we take care of the choice of raw materials. Trusting suppliers entails a huge time and labour savings.
This is why our customers establish long-lasting relationships: they streamline their purchasing processes and ensure perfect raw materials to win in the market.

Bidema srl

Established in 1973, Bidema is a service company specialised mainly in the import/export of organic cereals, legumes and protein crops, importing high quantities of biological materials which are then supplied to mills and feed mills. To date, the company has imported over 10 thousand tons of organic products controlled by Bioagricert Srl, obtaining the necessary certification to confirm the high-quality of raw materials.

For years Bidema has carried out a commercial activity in the import/export of cereals, legumes and dried and dehydrated fruit, controlling numerous companies in Belarus, with supply chain contracts in Ukraine, Moldavia and Kazakhstan.

The ideal partner

For its CERTIFICATIONS that are the guarantee of third-party institutions that guarantee flawlessly. BI.DE.MA undergoes the most rigorous certifications. First and foremost, we tell ourselves through the control process. After all the sampling and analysis by the appointed bodies, to date not a single non-conformity of goods. We transform what for many is a fear of results of analyses into a strength; this is the result of control procedures carried out by BI.DE.MA through its companies in countries where it is imported, from sowing to harvest.
We monitor every phase directly.

True organic products

The market has become attentive and informed on nutrition issues, a continuous search for quality that finds its synthesis in the organic sector. However, simply offering “organic products” is no longer sufficient. Only the organic and certified route is the way to stand out from all other generic offers. All production units in Italy and abroad connected and included in the production, processing and marketing programs of Bi.De.Ma. they are selected farms that adhere to precise, detailed and shared protocols from the agricultural sector and from our commercial partners